“The friendly family atmosphere that you get with such a close-knit community is almost like a second family and makes you feel at home”

Most colleges offer most courses, and they excel in all subjects that they teach. So, you will meet a wide range of interesting people whichever college you go to. You will have plenty of chance to meet up with other students across the University as well, as there will be a library and other facilities in your department. You may have lectures, classes and lab work in the department too, depending on your subject. There are also hundreds of University clubs and societies to join, as well as all the ones in the colleges.

This all means that you can get all the benefits of a large, international university while living in a small, friendly community. You’ll probably get much more personal tuition and more support than most other universities can give If you study here you will be a member of a college, and probably have your tutorials in that college. You will also be a member of the wider University, with access to University and department facilities like laboratories and libraries, as well as hundreds of University groups and societies. You would usually have your lectures and any lab work in your department, with other students from across the University.

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